Special Educational Needs Provision

What we do

We are based in Worthing and offer a life and work skills programme tailored to meet the needs of Post 15 SEND, SEMH and vulnerable young people. Each stage of their progress will be well planned, monitored and assessed to ensure they are reaching realistic and attainable goals.

Brighton Forward supports young people who are not accessing provison or are leaving secondary school and are not ready for a larger further education college, traineeship or employment, or those for whom a structured academic setting is not appropriate.

We offer a small, nurturing, supportive environment to help develop the young person’s social and emotional understanding of the world, alongside a programme which promotes life and work skills leading to greater independence.

About us

We at Brighton Forward are passionate about ensuring that all young people have the opportunities to develop their skills and interests. We understand that some find it challenging to access schools or further education college. Our Life and Work skills programme offers a nurturing environment giving the young person time to develop confidence, social and emotional skills whilst exploring what next steps are available.

Our Values

Brighton Forward will fight for the right for young SEND and vulnerable people to have the same opportunities as their mainstream peers.

We do not underestimate the valuable contribution our people make to our community and we will act as advocates to have their voices heard.

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